Allow F-1 students to stay in the US through the fall semester if instruction is online due to the pandemic

Hello UAW Western States family! 

I would like to share a little bit about how the recent Trump administration decisions on immigration are impacting some of our UAW members.

As you might have read in the news, yesterday, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) announced a decision that may affect international students on some student visas who are attending schools in the United States. The announcement states that students attending schools operating entirely online need to leave the US or risk deportation. Students attending schools operating on a hybrid model will be permitted to remain in the US if they certify that they meet criteria related to the number of courses they take online and in person. It's especially disturbing because it will force many to balance their legal immigration status against health and safety during the COVID pandemic. 

The Trump administration is making a series of changes to the US immigration system, in rapid fashion. Two weeks ago, the Trump administration issued an Executive Order banning international workers on certain work visas, including visa types for specialized professions (like researchers). We've heard from several of our members who are now stuck outside of the country, potentially until the end of the year. Or in some cases, families have been separated. 

Nothing new here - these Trump admin decisions are clear examples of xenophobia and scapegoating non-US citizens, despite clear evidence that cutting off our visa and immigration programs has already been proven, many times, to be ineffective economic policy. 

Many thanks to all of you who have reached out and asked how to help!

Here's two things: 

- share this petition

- and reach out to your reps in the House and Senate opposing these attacks

There will probably be more action items in the near future, such as sharing op-eds and providing comments on federal rule-making -- maybe others on the board would like to add. 

Looking forward to seeing you all and discussing our political action plans on July 18! 

In solidarity,